Tuesday, August 5, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Last night I thought about our weather writing assignment as I was driving home after being held hostage in a tornado shelter at my gym for an hour and a half. The thick, humid rain, compounded with the incessant sting of lightning coming from all angles is not something you can fully realize until you have to "brave" it as you run out to your car. I think saying I "braved" it is a little misleading. I "coward" it...or "cowarded" it. While I was 40% certain I wouldn't get hit by lightning I was by no means relaxed in the situation. I wasn't with my kids! All Moms know that mothers know (and do) best, so the thought of a tornado possibly touching down when my babies aren't under my care and protection was more than unnerving. As I pulled into the driveway my husband greeted me at the garage door. I was so relieved to be back home, and it was obvious in his face that he was just as relieved to have me safe and sound with him. The kids were filled with the kind of jittery-excitement that is reserved for toddlers only. They were excited about two things:

1. they were allowed to stay up past their bedtime

2. Gabe muttered a few audible words resembling the "Our Father" with his hands in perfect prayer-postition.

I was blessed with several things last night: safety from the storm (other areas were not so lucky), healthy, happy children snug and safe in their jammies when I got home, a husband who understands the importance of Faith, and the opportunity to watch the little mustard seeds sprouting before my eyes...to name a few!


patjrsmom said...

How nice to hear a story with a happy ending from last night's storms!

God Bless,

Marie said...

OMG!!! I didn't know you had tornados last night. IT must have been terrifying. I can't even imagine how you felt not being with the kids. Thank God you all were safe. And how friggin cute is Gabe with his little praying. See you soon!

JavaMama said...

Annie!! I didn't comment on your July blog since I wasn't sure you'd go back that far and check. So I'm here in your present entry: I LOVE reading your blog so much. I love your writing and it makes me miss you more than ever. Phone number is 540-658-1595 love you!

The Lavato Family said...

Hey girl! Long time no see! Your kiddos are ADORABLE! Still in FL? We're still in NC now...2nd year running. I saw you leave a comment on Becky's blog and thought I'd say hi :-) Tell your hubby that Toad says hi!