Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Funday!

This is the outfit I wore to church today. It's a gray gloomey day out--no rain, no snow, but it is threatening. The house is clean, the grocieries are put away, my delicious pot roast wafting through the house. I pour a warm batch of clean laundry onto the table to fold. My first mistake was attempting this chore with my husband nearby. We quickly, and unexpicatly, started acting ridiculous and documented our silliness with the webcam. Not sure why I'm going to post a couple pics, but maybe they'll make you smile. Sunday Funday, right??

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ding-Ding!! Last Lap! (& my inspired outfit of the day)

Sometimes, when I wake up on Friday mornings I think "phew, last lap!" But not this Friday. Was it because I had an easy week? Oh. No. It was because I was woken up at 3am by Eliza.
"Mom, my tooth is really, really wiggly."
Now I like to encourage their enthusiasm and celebrate all these exciting life moments with my kiddos, but not at 3am.
"Eliza, I know honey. Go to bed." disappointed she put her hands on her hips and began to whine.
"You don't even care that my tooth is hanging by a thread!" In walks Ava..
"Mom, I had a night mirror!" she crawls into bed, steals my pillow and starts to fall asleep. Eliza chimes in,
"No fair Ava gets to sleep in your bed!!"
"Eliza, stop shouting and just get in bed. You can sleep here too. Jeesh, just STOP!!!" in case you were wondering, yelling at a whining 7 yr old at 3am doesn't calm the situation.
"I wanted to sleep on that side!!" Eliza is staring at Ava, who has already fallen back to sleep. I pick Ava up, walk around to the other side of the bed (stubbing my stupid toe on the way) and then tuck them both in.
" just go to sleep. Please." silence for about a minute.
"Hey Mom.." ughhhhh!!!!!
"What, Eliza?"
"Why did you say 'what' like that? Are you mad at me?" she starts to cry.
"I'm not mad. I'm exhausted. What is it?"
"I just wanted to tell you that I love you!"
"I love you too. Now go to sleep."
"Ava, stop putting your feet on me!!" Ava groans awake and yells,
"I won't put my feet on you if you stop stealing the covers!"
I can't think of any 'out' for me so I just get out of bed and storm into the kitchen. 4:30am. Let's make coffee. I call my husband (who is out of town on business) and delightfully tell him about my glorious night's sleep. He's in another time zone so it's later for him anyway...ooops, or is it earlier? Poor Erik.
Erik and I got lost in conversation over our morning coffees hundreds of miles away from each other. Laughing, babbling, and flirting is definitely a good way to start a Friday! An hour and a half later, I ended the conversation with Erik when I heard Gabe upstairs shout "Mom!! I peed my bed!!" I hung up the phone with a smile on my face, took a deep breath and said "last lap!"

Here is my outfit for "Inspiring Interpretations" on 'Stuff Jewish Girls Like' blog!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ava's Fashion Tip

Always wait for your nail polish to dry before you suck your thumb. Always.

Lazy Sick Day and my outfit of the day

Eliza is home sick from school today. I absolutely LOVE having her home with me. I miss my big girl (Bailey does too!)..

Here is my outfit for today...we are having flurries, but it is SUNNY :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

I heart dresses

I bought this leifsdottir dress this weekend!! I have been obsessing over it for a month or so! The price was cut a 2nd time so I snatched it up before it sold out!

Also, tried on the Glanz dress and LOVED it. I wasn't too impressed when I saw it online, and I was certain it would need a cardigan or something for the blocks of color to make sense. Kim at Anthroholic said it was fine by itself and she was right! It is gorgeous.

The Take Action Dress, I both love it and am unsure of it. I feel like it's too shapeless for me...not for the athletic figure?? I don't know. I have time to decide because if it is "a go" I'd wait for it to go on sale to pull the trigger. What do you think?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Um, I didn't have time to put my contacts in today...

At the bagel shop:

"New cream cheese flavor!! What does seal lion taste like? Sounds so cool!!"

"Ummm, you mean SCALLION?"


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gabe-ism #723

Gabe put an apple slice onto the hook of his toy tow truck and pushed it across the table, "Ava, want my apple slice?"
Ava took the apple slice off and ate it.
I interceded, "Gabe that is inappropriate."

"Yeah but Mom, sometimes inappropriate is AWESOME!"

can't argue with that truth...

Friday, February 18, 2011

My non-gym outfit of the day :)

I have noticed I love stripes..LOL. Above is my favorite detail about this outfit, that's why it's framed. :)

Chocolate + Peanut Butter = True Love..

Currently loving my P90X peak performance chocolate peanut butter protein bars!!! I eat half of a bar one hour before my workout and then the other half within 30minutes of finishing my workout. xoxoxo

Ok, look below...this is my new tank top from lululemon athletica. I thought I loved it...I might love it. Just had this annoying feeling today that I may look like a highlighted paragraph...what do YOU think??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

(little) Men

Today, at the aforementioned opthamologist appointment for Ava, wearing the aforementioned outfit, I sat with my legs crossed in the chair. Gabe was driving a car on the floor when he ran into my foot. Distracted by the shiny red shoe, he forgot about his car and then touched my leg. Then kissed my ankle...sweet but kind of odd.

"Mom you smell so good. Can I lick your leg?"

"Thanks Gabe...and no. That's inappropriate."

"Oh." He was rubbing my leg and then sniffed loudly "ahhh, smells so good." then he kissed my shin.

"Gabe please stop. Let's keep our hands to ourselves." His little face looked so offended.

"Come here, buddy. Let me hold you." He climbed onto my lap and I kissed his nose.

"You can kiss my face!" I laughed.

Gabe held his nose, "but your legs smell delicious. Your face smells like coffee."

60 degrees in February Outfit!!!!

Is there anything more exciting than an unseasonably warm day after suffering through sub zero temps just last week? (The answer is no)

So I celebrated with my favorite Boden outfit. We are off to Ava's appointment with Dr. Kipp (my future son-in-law)!
Happy Thursay!!!
60 degrees!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gabe-ism #722

Ava and Eliza were going back and forth arguing and fussing. Gabe was frustrated that they were crowding his space with noise, so he took a break from coloring to say,

"Girls, enough! Have a scoop of chill-a nilla would ya!?"

Drinks and Appetizers :)

This is the outfit I wore when Erik and I went out for appetizers and drinks the other night. We had so much fun, and couldn't remember the last time he and I just hung out together. Definitely need to make that a priority!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scenes from the pediatric unit

After 5 days and 4 nights in the pediatric unit of a fantastic hospital, Ava's eye infection was on the mend and we were ready to go home; VERY, VERY ready! Here are some snapshots from our extended vacation at the hospital in absolutely no particular order because it's all a jumbled mess of disjointed, sleep-deprived happenings in my memory:

me on phone: "I think she is doing better...I don't know. Hopefully we'll be able to go home tomorrow.."

Ava pointed a finger at me (quoting Lotso from Toy Story 3): "Now wait a minute there sweet potato! You ain't LEAVIN' Sunnyside!" then she dissolved into a fit of giggles..
One morning/afternoon/evening (no idea which) Ava was making her ten thousandth trip to the playroom on the pediatric floor. Swaggering through the hallways with her "cowgirl hat" (actually a fireman's hat but whatevs) she tipped the hat and said "Howdy-do Doctor!" in her best southern accent to every person we encountered. Every face that lit up with laughter encouraged her even more...and most of those lit up faces averted eye contact with the zombie-eyed, unamused Mom-ster who was straggling behind the adorable, puffy-eyed peanut. I was always on the verge of losing my patience with that stupid hook IV pole on wheels. I felt like a broken record "oh, jeeze! Ava, slow down, AH! Yikes...the IV is going to rip out of your arm, stay CLOSE!!" Just writing about that stupid thing made my blood pressure rise.
So, we arrived at the playroom--empty except for a grown woman doing a puzzle at the miniature table. I smiled and tried to discreetly read the name-tag on her uniform shirt. Definitely not a nurse or doctor because we would have met her by now. Maintenance worker on break? Doesn't make sense. Too tired to play the role of super-sleuth Annie, I decided to introduce ourselves,
"Hi! My name is Anne and this is Ava."
"Oh, hello! My name is Janet! I'm a volunteer!" woah, Janet--that was loud.
"Howdy-do Janet!" Ava tipped her hat.
Janet laughs and shakes Ava's hand. "Ava, would you like to do this puzzle with me?"
"No thanks."
"Oh, ok. Well, there is play dough in this cabinet! Here, let me set up the play dough for you! We can pretend to make cookies together!"
"No thanks."
"No? That's fine! How about I grab some crafts? You like crafts? I bet you're good at coloring. Look, here's a wooden puzzle that you get to color and..."
"No thanks." Ava's thumb has now made it to her mouth and she is nestling in to my leg. At least I don't have to worry about her wandering too far from the IV pole. I feel sorry for the volunteer and nudge Ava "Oh, look! The puzzle has a rainbow and it's own markers!!"
Ava's got a death grip on my jeans and whispers "Mom, I don't want to play with her. Why do I have to play with her!?"
"You don't HAVE to play with me, Ava. But if you want, I can get down some baby dolls and we can play house!" Ava buried her face into my pant leg. I imagined that this poor woman maybe lost a child and volunteering at the hospital helps fill a void for her. I then decided it was my duty to make Ava play house with Janet.
Now, if you know know how this ends. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes Ava do anything. Stubborn as a mule. So after several pathetic attempts to get Ava to accept Janet as her new BFF, I snapped to my senses. We're not here for Janet, we're here because Ava's sick! She's sick...and I'm exhausted...we don't have to cater to the volunteer in the playroom! So I ended it with a simple,
"Ava, would you like to go back to your room and watch tv with me?" Her little face looked tired and scared from all that pestering as she nodded yes, thumb in mouth.
"Mumma will you hold me?" I gathered her up in my arms and she fell asleep on my shoulder before we got to her room.

Erik stopped by on his way in to work today. "How about I take Ava to the playroom for a little bit so you can relax?" Sounded so good! I sat cross legged in the chair and enjoyed my coffee while watching Elmo's world. I was genuinely low point.
"Mom, I'm so hungry" Ava's face looked so pale and sad.
"I know sweetheart, you can have some ice chips if you want!" I was embarrassed by my lame attempt to comfort her. She turned away from me, folded her arms across her chest and fought back tears.
"Ava, the doctors might need to do surgery to help your eye feel better. If they do surgery and you have food in your tummy it will make you sick."
"But I already am sick." Ava 1, Mom 0.
"I know but..." in walks the pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor.
"Hello! We are going to do another cat scan on Ava to see how the infection is doing."
"I'm hungry."
"Yeah, let's go get a picture of your sinuses, and see if you can eat!" Ava smiled and we waited for the transporter.
"Uh, hi. I'm here to take Ava to diagnostic imaging. My name's Bryce." Bryce looked like he was still in high school and he never made eye contact when talking to us. Ava stared at his ear hole spacer the entire time he pushed her bed to the elevator.
"Is your earring made out of air?" He pressed the LL button and didn't answer her.
"Excuse me, Rice. Is your earring made out of air?" Bryce smiled at her.
"Well, the middle part is air." Ava rested her head back but never took her eyes off of his spacer. I followed Ava and Bryce out of the elevator and through unmarked double doors.
"This hospital is a maze! How long did it take you to learn your way around?" Bryce perked up and looked me in the eyes.
"This is my first week and I get lost all the time. I don't know." And there we the mother baby unit.
Hi-ho, Hi-ho it's back to the elevator we go.
*below is a picture of Ava when she was finally cleared to EAT!*

In the earliest hours of the morning, the pediatric opthamologist would come in to see Ava. He was so kind, so good with her, and really took time to answer not only my questions, but hers as well. These are just a few of the reasons why he made it into Ava's prayers every night and into her sweet little heart. One day when he was looking in her eye with the light she said,
"You know what, Doctor Kipp?" He turned off his eye light.
"What's that Ava?"
"My eyes are usually really beautiful and blue and not even at all swollen. I'm actually kinda beautiful, really." her face held a proud little smirk.
"Oh, are a very beautiful girl. You remind me of a Disney Princess."
Ava let a laugh escape through her nose, and tried to hold back a smile. After he left she looked at me and said "I think I'm going to marry Dr. Kipp when I grow up. Well, unless he's a wrinkly old man by the time I grow up. Then I'll just marry Patrick Dempsy from the Enchanted movie."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Developing Strength of Character

I was just finishing up a fun dance warm-up I choreographed for my group strength class. We were sweating, having fun, warmed up and ready to get into it. In walks Dawn, the fitness desk employee and the beginning of a very stressful time for my family...

"So sorry to tell you this, Anne, but your husband just called and said he is taking your daughter to the ER. You need to leave. I'll take care of the class." A numbing anxiety swept through my body--on autopilot I gathered my things, apologized to 40+ sympathetic faces and left. As I was going out the door my friend asked "Is it Ava?" I nodded "Yeah, it's Ava." But Dawn said "your daughter" she didn't say Ava, but without hesitation I said yes...I just knew.

At the ER I choked back tears with deliberate deep through my nose out through my mouth. It will be ok. Ava's 40 lb body has been through so much the past few months. "She is a strong, healthy girl--she'll be fine." I was telling myself but is she a strong healthy girl? She has strep, everybody gets strep. But her relentless 105 fever is taking over her body--dragging this 5 year old away from movie night (she picked "Despicable Me")and into some pretty intense seizures. Her seizures are familiar now. I know how they go, I know what to expect...she's sits upright, moving her legs like she wants to get up and stand but never actually does just moves her legs like that over and over and over again. She makes desperate eye contact that says "help me, Mom. Please, help me" but she has no control over her mouth. She can't talk. That's how they start. I hold her. I make eye contact "Ava you are ok, love. This will be over. You are going to be fine, sweetheart." She looks at me with intense fear in her eyes. My niece Patty looked at me that way when we were at the beach together, years ago, and a wave crashed over her little body. Her giant brown eyes were terror struck--I scooped her up and made her safe again. But I have no way to help Ava. I can't make her better. So I fake a calm, soothing voice--try to be a soft, warm place of comfort for her tired body. The fear fades away from her eyes as she loses consciousness and her body tenses in a tight hard ball and then jerks hard...legs kicking crazy, her little heart races, and she wets herself. Then the violent movements give way to small twitches and then she is sound asleep. That's when I just hold her close and cry. This gets too big for me at times.

Romans 3:5 "We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Mischief ;)

We did get two feet of snow dropped on us the other'd think I would have posted some pictures of it all. I took a playing, husband shoveling, dog why didn't I post any? Well, I couldn't find my camera. But, today I found it...and I also found out WHY I couldn't find my camera...scroll through my pics and you'll see why my camera wasn't in it's usual place....ha ha

Bailey the Wonder(full) Dog!
No, I don't have a beard. Shut up..

Hmmm...I didn't take this picture...

BUSTED!! Sleeping on the job! Ha ha! Before you go judging us for napping and thereby leaving the urchins unattended, (all you childless people---a fellow parent would never judge) I'll have you know we both had high fevers. We were sick...and we shoveled our butts off.