Saturday, January 29, 2011

This looks like a job for....SUPERGIRL!

How do you go from a St. Anne's lady brunch to yoga with NO time to spare?? Strategic wardrobe planning, obviously ;) I wore my lululemon athletica top and pants underneath my cardigan and skirt! No need to spend time changing everything in the locker room...pop into a telephone booth, supergirl style, off with the cardi, off with the skirt and voila!! Ready for some vinyasa!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ah, Glory Days!!

So training with those tennis kids was way more fun and way more challenging than I expected!! The plyometric portion was great, I had enough wind to yell some form correcting cues to the group as I was gracefully jumping myself into the anaerobic zone..LOL. The sprints? YIKES! I haven't actually done any sprinting since I sustained a stress fracture in my femur (July 2009). So why did I think I would be able to hang with 40 of the best teenage tennis athletes in the area? I think it goes back to why the bumble bee can fly--he may not be aerodynamically designed, but he doesn't know that so he just does it! I don't really know I'm 32 years old and have three kids and I'm not a college athlete I just did it. I am paying for it today, but it was definitely worth it for two reasons:

#2. I am motivated and thrilled to add a sprint workout to my training routine (it's like reuniting with a long lost love...)

#1. The breakdown of some teenage "I'm too cool to show vulnerability" barriers was astonishing! Those kids are all really great kids and they are always personable with me, but last night I had SEVEN kids separately talk to me about their own personal fitness goals and if I would be willing to help them. All because they watched me suck wind after an 8minute session of intense sprinting!! I'm excited and feel incredibly lucky to watch these people attain their respective goals through their own hard work and dedication.

OH! Almost forgot...p90x protein bars (great to have if you can't be home to make a healthy meal) and p90x results and recovery drink (my absolute FAVORITE recovery drink) are on CLEARANCE!!! You can find them here:|ALL

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fitness Fuel matters!!!

This is week one of my hormone training...sounds creepy, right?? ha ha! It's just another term for lactic acid training...high intensity training (or HITT), anaerobic training, yadda-yadda-yadda. The point is to push your muscles HARD to their limit, which results in lactic acid build-up--once your body starts it recovery process (eliminating the acid and repairing the muscle fibers) your body is turned into a fat burning machine. Diet is key for this type of training--I need 40% protein, 40% carb (from whole grains and/or fruits and veggies), and 20% fats an hour and half before my workout, and a protein recovery drink within 30minutes of finishing the workout. The pre-workout meal is important so I have the fuel to rev my engines LOL, and I can't have high fat or that will interfere with the lactic acid build up. My post workout recovery drink nourishes my poor twitching, spent muscles and helps them to recover. I use p90x smooth orange which you can buy here:|P90X%20%20Nutrition
Monday was chest and triceps (for cardio I did the stepper for an hour), Tuesday was legs (for cardio I ran), yesterday was my rest day (only taught two classes LOL) and today I am going to lift shoulders and abs.
Shoulder workout: each exercise I'm doing 8-15reps 5-8 sets with only 15seconds of rest between sets
barbel overhead press
lateral raise with dumbells
alternating frontal raise with dumbells
upright row with barbell

Ab workout: side bends on the back hyper-extension machine (to failure*)
decline sit-ups 5 sets of 10-15 reps
hanging straight leg raises 5 sets of 10
*to failure means I do it until I can not possibly do another one with proper form

No mind clearing, stress burning, solo cardio workout for me today as I'm training my tennis kiddos (group of about 30-45 teenage athletes). Last week they complained that I always tell them what to do and I never do the workouts myself. I promised I'd workout with them this week. Little do they know that the 30seconds of plyometrics with 30seconds recovery that kicks their butts every week is a cake walk for me. If they want to workout with me, they will be doing a workout suited for me: 1minute of work, 20seconds of rest! That should learn 'em!! I hope they drank their shakeology smoothie today!! ha ha!!

Happy Friday Eve!!

Yay! Thursday is here!! After a day or so of thinking Gabe was just being dramatic, I am convinced his little foot really is hurting him, his cut is probably infected and we are going to see if the doctor agrees. Poor little man. He is always so tough. Just yesterday I bonked his head while settling him into his car seat.
"yikes! I'm sorry buddy!!" unfazed he took his little pruned thumb out of his mouth to say,
"no worries, Mom. My hair was actually already messed up." ha ha!!
"I meant sorry for hitting your head on the van, not for messing up your hair."
Bored with the whole conversation he shook his head and said, "don't you know I'm tough like Buzz Lightyear Mom? I didn't even feel it."

So after dropping Eliza off at school we will be heading to the doctors instead of the gym so I get to put on real people clothes!! Not that I don't love my gym clothes, but I've been dying to wear my new purple sweater from Boden!! Upon awakening to see me in a sweater Ava's face lit up, "Mom I love the feather petals on your shirt! You look beautiful! Are you going on a date?"
Yeah, Dad is out of town and I have a date...
"No Ava we're taking Gabe to the doctors."
Gabe immediately shot up from playing with his monster trucks, "what did you said!?"
"I think the cut on your foot is infected. We are going to have the doctor look at you and see if you need medicine."
He thought about this for at least ten seconds, "are you going to at least take me to old McDonald's afterwards for a treat or something?" nice try...
"no, buddy. We are going to head to the gym after." disappointed and confused he shook his head and said,
"so Mom, you are going to exercise in a sweater with petals and stuff??"
"no. We'll come home after the doctors and I'll change." I said, doubting the efficiency of my plan for the day.
"but that doesn't even make can even wear gym clothes to the doctors you know." Trying to get my husband to understand why living in gym sweats as a Mom is horrible for my self image is hard enough, I don't even want to try explaining this to a 4 year-old boy.

"just go with it, Buzz."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year's Gym Tourists!!

*picture of me in our new activity guide...just a regular Saturday for me, a soldier in the fight against childhood obesity..ha ha ha!!!*

Childcare was FULL this morning at the gym...that is when I KNOW it's January! Us gym rats know that we only have to wait until March before they all give up so we wait it out and complain to each other.