Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plateau Poison

So you start up an exercise program, lose the first XX lbs and then you just sit there, close to your goal but not making any strides. This is what is called a plateau. You are staying the same...working hard, but not seeing any results. There is a cure for that. It's called an early morning interval session. Take one every morning with water (5 or six days a week) for 12 weeks and the plateau will be gone.

*You have to finish the can't take it a few mornings and stop!! Give the prescription the time it needs to work for you. It will work...assuming you are human.*

This will kill your fitness plateau faster than you can say "is Anne absolutely insane???!!"

Doing the same old, same old exercise routine will not actually yield the same old results. Your body gets very efficient and adapts. A workout that takes so much effort that it burns 300 calories for you, after doing that same thing--same time, same intensity--over and over, your body will get so good at it you can perform the same task but expend less energy, making it burn less calories for you. That is why I NEVER encourage people to put much weight in the calorie count of cardio machines. They are too generous, in my opinion. Look at the people on the same cardio machines, day after day...they aren't usually the most fit in the gym. is an easy (by easy I mean it is possible to do, although it may make you want to vomit and hit me--in reverse order) early first-thing-in-the-morning interval routine you can add to your already existing exercise routine to give your plateau an eviction notice.

Wake up, throw on the exercise clothes you laid out the night before (or sleep in them, whatevs) and start your interval session:

jump rope for one minute (if jumping rope for one minute is too much for your coordination, just pretend you are holding a rope and jump)
no rest, two minutes of lunges
back to one minute jumping rope
now two minutes of squats
back to one minute jumping rope
back to two minutes lunges
finish it strong with one minute of jumping rope

That is all. Try it five or six days a week and see what you notice!! I find it increases my metabolism all throughout the day...boosts my early morning energy level and mood...and best of all, my exercise regime seems to get an extra ooomph! I overcome the slum of not getting stronger, faster, fitter!! :)


Eleanor said...

Ok, question:
What is those same intervals are part of your existing routine?
I have been doing 45 minutes of 7 circuits that is all cardio/kickboxing, but every circuit is pretty much like that.
To shake it up, I am trying to mix it up every other day with weights (diff. circuits too) and hardcore yoga with reps.
Should that help keep the plateau away?

Anne said...

Yes! That sounds like an awesome routine. If you are on a plateau try adding a little cardio first thing in the morning (15 minute jog with sprint intervals..sprint 1minute, jog 2 or 3, or run up your stairs, walk down--repeat 5 or ten times, short bike ride, etc) that can help boost your metabolism a little bit more. Sounds like you are already doing a ton though!