Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank you!! ....uh....I think?

Walking out of church this past Sunday a woman came up and put her hand on my shoulder.

V. "Anne, your spin class Wednesday was torture."

me "ha ha! Did you have fun?"

V. "I wanted to get off my bike and hit you, but I don't think I would have been able to walk."

me *awkward giggle*

V. "It was a fantastic workout! I needed it...but I wanted to kill you. I wanted to get off my bike and kill you."

me "Ok...well...see you Wednesday?"

V. "ha ha! Yes! I need workouts like that! You'll see me Wednesday!"



20 York Street said...

I usuallhy get the same comments when I teach my bodypump class!


Eleanor said...

A little disturbing that she had to say "kill you" more than once...

A woman came up to me at work yesterday, told me she had been in the day prior and how she loves my style and how amazingly I dress. I was totally flattered and speechless over how genuine she was and then she said, "Look at how you pair things gingham with olive green and a black dress. I would never think of that!"
All I could think was that my dress was NAVY BLUE, how did she not see that?!?!? again, Thank you....I think???? LOL!

Anne said...

20 York Street- bodypump is awesome! Nohting like total body weight gets addicting

Ellie--That is hysterical!! It's always sweet when people give genuine compliments...maybe she was colorblind? ha ha..yeah she kind of scared my kids with the excessive use of "kill you" LOL. She was there last night :)