Monday, May 2, 2011

Leading little feet with faith

Some days, as a parent, I can feel a little lost and confused. Being completely responsible for another person (x3!) is not something I take lightly. It can totally stress me out and make me second guess myself like CRAZY! This morning I was doing just that as I got Eliza's lunch ready in the wee hours of the morning. Then a song came up on my playlist. It's written and sung by my cousin, Ryan. As the song came on I just sat down with my coffee and enjoyed the sun that was creeping through the crack in the curtains. I opened the curtains, relaxed in the sun and felt totally at peace. Here are some of the lyrics to his song, "Pray"

"...Pray to the spring that will teach you how to sing when your words have all run dry. Then give your soul, empty and used, to the light that knows what the tree needs to grow, the breath that breathes when the gentle breeze blows, the faith that teaches every mind what it knows. He's going to lead these wandering feet. He's going to lead these wandering feet..."


amy kelinda said...

I can't even imagine what it's like to be a parent -- Boyfriend's sister became one five years ago and she's STILL wondering at how she's managed to raise such a bright-eyed and intelligent daughter. Kudos to parents! Though you may doubt yourself at times, I know that in the end you just want the best for your kids, and that's the most any child can ask for.

Eleanor said...

I find that the parents that question their parenting skills are usually the very best at it.
What lovely words of truth and encouragement.
What a great post to read right before bed.
Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Thanks and thanks!! yeah, parents are human, I have to remind myself. :)

lucegirl said...

Hi Anne -

Just catching up on your blog : ) I was reading your post about Ava, and having your confidence as a mom shaken. Right there with you. We just had another EEG on Eli to see how he was doing, and the doctor said she is not happy with the medicaiton - we don't see the activity, but he did have tiny seizure activity on the EEG : ( So now we are onto a different medication. It's very discouraging and has thrown me for a complete loop. I've calmed down a little bit, but it's still so upsetting. Thanks for sharing your experience - helps to know I'm not the only one who feels so helpless. Long term prognosis is still very encouraging. He's otherwise neurological normal, no developmental issue at all. I am so thankul for that. Just gotta get these meds right. Take care -


Anne said...

So sorry to hear that, Pam. There is definite comfort knowing there are other Moms getting the same rug pulled out from under them some days. Good luck with your little one