Friday, April 22, 2011


I worked legs oh man...fatigue has already set in!

Squats: I used the bar and two 45lbs plates. I did 10 sets of 10 reps.
If you are partial to just using your body weight, I recommend doing explosive jumping squats (called jumpies) 10 sets of 15-20 jumps

*difference between using weights and using body weight* bigger weight = bigger muscle. If you are like me and you have no hips, a more then modest backside, and thighs that never fill a pair of skinny jeans you probably want to try to go as heavy as you can.

If you are pear shaped, have a curvy backside, or just want to shave off AND tone your butt/thigh area then jumping is the way to go. Your body is a very smart machine. The bigger your body is the harder it is to jump. You keep jumping and your body will respond by getting smaller--because being smaller will make jumping easier.

One-legged squats: no weight, just your body weight. This is best done with a partner. Stand on top of a box (or a chair at home) stand with right leg on box/chair and your left leg dangling, squat and go back up to start position. Try to get your left foot as close to the ground as possible. Hold onto your partner's hand and have them assist you as needed. Ten repetitions, three sets.

*one-legged squats are great for coordination, balance, and while you're only using your body weight, it's one leg doing all the work. It won't add shape/bulk, but it will strengthen your legs significantly. This is an athletic training exercise.

Lunge-walk with medicine ball toss: hold onto medicine ball handle with right hand. Lunge forward with left leg, as you drive up with your left leg (specifically glute) use that momentum to toss the medicine ball slightly in front of you. Catch the ball with your left hand as you step forward with your right leg and repeat. I do this the length of our track (1/6 of a mile). It's will add shape, tone, and definition to your leg. You can't be sheepish and do draws attention to you and you will drop the ball at least once. No biggie :)

Step-ups super-setted with frog tuck jumps: need a good bra for this exercise. What? Just a friendly heads-up! Ok...step-ups: I used a set of 15lb dumb bells. Stop judging me, I was fatigued!! You can go heavier (if you have something to prove) if you really need some added volume to you badonkadonk...or you can go lighter/no weight if you would just like tone and slimming effects. Put right foot on bench (or chair). Make sure you heel is on the bench/chair...put all your weight in your heel and drive up...push so you are standing up on top. Lower yourself back down s...ll....ooooo....wwww...llll....yyy. No, slower! Make it TOUGH! Do ten on each leg (alternating). Then no time for rest, grab a medicine ball (10 lbs max) or nothing and squat as low as you can (think softball catcher position) and jump up as high as possible and drive those knees UP and into your chest. Try for ten. I got eight in. Rest and repeat for a total of three sets. I had a guy who thinks he is so funny keep saying "Ribbit" as I was doing this. Rage-o-meter = seven

Calf-raises: to really get your calves good you have to mix it up. I did one set of 100 as fast as possible with no weight. Then I put 135 lbs (in the form of a bar and two plates) on my shoulders and did ten calf raises. Then I reduced the weight to 65 lbs and did one legged calf raises (10 reps on one leg, 10 reps two legs, ten reps other one leg). Then I finished it up with seated calf raises: four sets of 15 reps...70lbs.

That, my friends, was all the juice I had in me..


Eleanor said...

Dear Lord woman, you are simply a machine! But I not so secretly envy your dedication and toughness!
I can barely make it through 45 minutes of Jillian's cardio and strength without my legs turning to jello!
But it does feel oh so good when it is over!

Anne said...

ha ha! exercise is my prozac...simple as that.

I love Jillian's workouts!!

Fierce Fabulous Fit said...

GREAT post!! Ahhh!! Another Fit Fashionista!! I LOVE IT!! :) This makes me very happy! Thanks for following me, Anne! Because now I found your blog that I'm certainly following now! Score!! :)