Friday, January 28, 2011

Ah, Glory Days!!

So training with those tennis kids was way more fun and way more challenging than I expected!! The plyometric portion was great, I had enough wind to yell some form correcting cues to the group as I was gracefully jumping myself into the anaerobic zone..LOL. The sprints? YIKES! I haven't actually done any sprinting since I sustained a stress fracture in my femur (July 2009). So why did I think I would be able to hang with 40 of the best teenage tennis athletes in the area? I think it goes back to why the bumble bee can fly--he may not be aerodynamically designed, but he doesn't know that so he just does it! I don't really know I'm 32 years old and have three kids and I'm not a college athlete I just did it. I am paying for it today, but it was definitely worth it for two reasons:

#2. I am motivated and thrilled to add a sprint workout to my training routine (it's like reuniting with a long lost love...)

#1. The breakdown of some teenage "I'm too cool to show vulnerability" barriers was astonishing! Those kids are all really great kids and they are always personable with me, but last night I had SEVEN kids separately talk to me about their own personal fitness goals and if I would be willing to help them. All because they watched me suck wind after an 8minute session of intense sprinting!! I'm excited and feel incredibly lucky to watch these people attain their respective goals through their own hard work and dedication.

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