Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fitness Fuel matters!!!

This is week one of my hormone training...sounds creepy, right?? ha ha! It's just another term for lactic acid training...high intensity training (or HITT), anaerobic training, yadda-yadda-yadda. The point is to push your muscles HARD to their limit, which results in lactic acid build-up--once your body starts it recovery process (eliminating the acid and repairing the muscle fibers) your body is turned into a fat burning machine. Diet is key for this type of training--I need 40% protein, 40% carb (from whole grains and/or fruits and veggies), and 20% fats an hour and half before my workout, and a protein recovery drink within 30minutes of finishing the workout. The pre-workout meal is important so I have the fuel to rev my engines LOL, and I can't have high fat or that will interfere with the lactic acid build up. My post workout recovery drink nourishes my poor twitching, spent muscles and helps them to recover. I use p90x smooth orange which you can buy here:|P90X%20%20Nutrition
Monday was chest and triceps (for cardio I did the stepper for an hour), Tuesday was legs (for cardio I ran), yesterday was my rest day (only taught two classes LOL) and today I am going to lift shoulders and abs.
Shoulder workout: each exercise I'm doing 8-15reps 5-8 sets with only 15seconds of rest between sets
barbel overhead press
lateral raise with dumbells
alternating frontal raise with dumbells
upright row with barbell

Ab workout: side bends on the back hyper-extension machine (to failure*)
decline sit-ups 5 sets of 10-15 reps
hanging straight leg raises 5 sets of 10
*to failure means I do it until I can not possibly do another one with proper form

No mind clearing, stress burning, solo cardio workout for me today as I'm training my tennis kiddos (group of about 30-45 teenage athletes). Last week they complained that I always tell them what to do and I never do the workouts myself. I promised I'd workout with them this week. Little do they know that the 30seconds of plyometrics with 30seconds recovery that kicks their butts every week is a cake walk for me. If they want to workout with me, they will be doing a workout suited for me: 1minute of work, 20seconds of rest! That should learn 'em!! I hope they drank their shakeology smoothie today!! ha ha!!

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