Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Friday Eve!!

Yay! Thursday is here!! After a day or so of thinking Gabe was just being dramatic, I am convinced his little foot really is hurting him, his cut is probably infected and we are going to see if the doctor agrees. Poor little man. He is always so tough. Just yesterday I bonked his head while settling him into his car seat.
"yikes! I'm sorry buddy!!" unfazed he took his little pruned thumb out of his mouth to say,
"no worries, Mom. My hair was actually already messed up." ha ha!!
"I meant sorry for hitting your head on the van, not for messing up your hair."
Bored with the whole conversation he shook his head and said, "don't you know I'm tough like Buzz Lightyear Mom? I didn't even feel it."

So after dropping Eliza off at school we will be heading to the doctors instead of the gym so I get to put on real people clothes!! Not that I don't love my gym clothes, but I've been dying to wear my new purple sweater from Boden!! Upon awakening to see me in a sweater Ava's face lit up, "Mom I love the feather petals on your shirt! You look beautiful! Are you going on a date?"
Yeah, Dad is out of town and I have a date...
"No Ava we're taking Gabe to the doctors."
Gabe immediately shot up from playing with his monster trucks, "what did you said!?"
"I think the cut on your foot is infected. We are going to have the doctor look at you and see if you need medicine."
He thought about this for at least ten seconds, "are you going to at least take me to old McDonald's afterwards for a treat or something?" nice try...
"no, buddy. We are going to head to the gym after." disappointed and confused he shook his head and said,
"so Mom, you are going to exercise in a sweater with petals and stuff??"
"no. We'll come home after the doctors and I'll change." I said, doubting the efficiency of my plan for the day.
"but that doesn't even make can even wear gym clothes to the doctors you know." Trying to get my husband to understand why living in gym sweats as a Mom is horrible for my self image is hard enough, I don't even want to try explaining this to a 4 year-old boy.

"just go with it, Buzz."

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