Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What? It's warm in my dreams...

I can pretend it's warm and wear my summer clothes...but I don't recommend you do it.
Although spring is certainly dragging her feet, it is getting warmer and I'm always a bit too eager to wear my warm weather clothes. I might believe that my bare arms will force the sun to shine brighter, I dunno. In any is my jumping-the-gun spring-y outfit that I froze in.

I love, love, love my zebra-ish print wedges. I missed anthropologie's sale on them...but that turned out lucky for me as they found ME in marshall's for 29.99 last summer!! Waaahhoooo! can't see my shoes in that pic?
 this better????? LOL


Eleanor said...

Damn can you rock a hat!
You look A~mazing and those calves are ridiculous!!!

Anne said...

aww, thank you!! :)