Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Planning Session

To reach your goals you HAVE to get a plan...plan, plan, PLAN!!!!

I don't really have a fitness goal right now. Maybe it is to not get injured?? Lame. But I teach so many classes and I love being at the gym so that is a very real stay as active as I am, without sustaining an injury. That being said, I am still trying to stick to the hormone training (HIIT training, or anaerobic, etc). As an athlete it is right up my alley--I absolutely LOVE it...but I do fear I'll end up on the injured reserve list. Then I can really kiss the Olympics good-bye. Totally joking/making fun of myself BTW. is my workout plan and menu for the week!!

I teach way too many classes on Monday to be able to get my own workout in. I call it my non-Anne workout day...but the other trainers at the gym call it "Anne-tastic Marathon Monday--You can catch a class by Anne morning, noon, and night!" LOL

morning workout: SPRINTS! As I'm running suicide sprints on the basketball court
a few weeks ago someone asked, "Hey Anne, what are you training for?"
me: "uh, I dunno...nothing." DERRRRRR
afternoon workout: Back and Biceps

morning workout: legs and abs
afternoon workout: spin

morning workout: run 5miles (try to do a sub 8minute mile pace)
afternoon workout: shoulders

morning workout: chest and triceps
afternoon workout: do the stair mill machine (interval training level 16 for 45min)

Saturday: spin, abs, and long relaxing jog

Sunday: yoga

<---DORK, DORK, DORK! hey, that's me! LOL Our menu: Breakfast: (kids drink milk, Erik and I drink black coffee) oatmeal and berries (we have raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries) OR scrambled eggs with spinache, feta, and tomato (I eat all of the above, thankUveryMuch!) Morning snack options: cottage cheese, or a piece of fruit, or trail mix, or string cheese, or yogurt with wheat germ, or peanut butter on a graham cracker Lunch: (we all drink water) cabbage soup (made a big batch Sunday night for the week and put in tupperware in fridge and freezer), half of a tuna sandwich (Since Eliza has to have a bagged lunch I will be packing her a peanut butter sandwich, a piece of fruit, some trail mix, water, and a whole grain apple muffin) afternoon snack: same options as morning snack Dinners: Monday: my Mom's vegetarian chili recipe (made in crockpot) with corn muffins Tuesday: baked tilapia with steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots Wednesday: chicken and salsa in the crockpot over brown rice, red and green peppers, onions,cheddar cheese, and lettuce Thursday: home made pesto over whole grain spaghetti with a side of caprese salad Friday: baked salmon, garlic mashed cauliflower, and peas. Saturday and Sunday we play it by ear!
Phew! I am as tired and cranky as Gabe at the end of my days...where the hell is my sippy??? ha ha


amy kelinda said...

Awww, Gabe! Poor little guy, haha! Your weeks sound intense, Anne! And "Anne-tastic Marathon Monday"? Hahaha! I love it! You're looking fierce!!

Anne said...

ha ha...Thank Amy!! :)

katy said...

I love your blog, Anne! You look so FABULOUS.

Anne said...

Thanks Katy! :)