Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoulders and Shades!!!

Oh yeah...those are sunglasses on my head. It was not only sunny was WARM! Well, relatively speaking. Sure I did have some frost to scrape off the minivan at 7am, but by noon it was in the 50's!!!! Today I worked my a great burn and I am such a fan of this hormone training. I'm hoping I can truly commit to it for a couple more months. Ava's hospital stay threw a wrench in my workout routine but things seem back to normal. Sorta. Here's what I did at the gym today!!

dumbbell overhead press: 5 sets of 14, ten seconds of rest between each set
lateral raise (hammer strength): 6 sets of 10, ten seconds rest between each set
standing dumbbell frontal raise: 6 sets of 12, ten second rest between each set
rear delt fly (hammer strength): 6 sets of 14, ten seconds rest between each set
cable rotator cuff internal rotation (for joint health, injury provention, not really for strength): 3 sets of 12
then external rotation on cable: 3 sets of 12

Then I rowed 2k meters on the rowing machine. I hate that thing, but you gotta change it up!!

I wanted to do abs and cardio tonight, but we were invited to a birthday party and I got plenty of cardio racing the kiddos through the inflatable obstacle course for an hour and a half. Ha ha!! Why were the kids lining up to race me? Obviously it's because I'm the kindergarten room Mom. Duh. It can't possibly because I am an immature, odd-ball Mom who likes to race 5 year olds or anything. LOL

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