Thursday, March 24, 2011


Do not attempt this leg routine if you have to walk at all the next day...or if you have three exercise classes to teach the following day..(ahem, what kind of freak would do that?)

LEGS!!!! Here's what I foolishly did Wednesday morning--for some reason I was thinking I had an open Thursday??? Well I thunked wrong. My Thursday was quite closed.

Squats (using 45lbs bar with plates on rack)
first set 30 lbs plates 25 reps
second set 50 lbs plates 20 reps
third, fourth, and fifth set 60 lbs plates 12 reps

Lunges: using a 35 lbs barbell 4 sets of 20 back lunges (right leg 20 lunges, no rest, left leg 20 lunges, repeat total of 3 times on each leg)

Dumbbell step ups on bench: holding a 20 lbs dumbbell in each hand 3 sets of 15 step ups

One legged squats on the plyo box: 3 sets of 10



Danielle C said...

wow you're fit to do all that strength exercise. Makes me feel guilty since I haven't done much in a while : ( I actually feel much better when I do exercise so I am going to get right to it! But how I hate the sore feeling when I get back to the routine..

Eleanor said...

I'm so small statured that using weights bulks me out too much.
I prefer body weight training to keep me on the lean side.
I'm sure you could do the same exercises without the weights?

Also, I would love to see a full day of everything you do you fuel yourself?

Anne said...

Danielle have you ever tried pilates or yoga? They can be very tough, but there are some classes that work you hard while not making you feel sore the next day.

Eleanor--You absolutely could do the same without could also do squats/lunges while you work your upper body b/c it would be lighter and it saves time. My diet is fairly consistent (I am a creature of habit) so I can definitely post my daily menu. :)