Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feel SPIN-tastic :)

Why should I try spinning? You ask...here are just a few of the many reasons:

*tightens and tones your butt and legs
*will work your heart muscle, making it stronger
*you can burn 1,000 calories in just 1 hour
*you're on your own bike, so progress at your own pace
*music based workouts make the hour fly by
*low impact (easy on your joints)
*natural endorphin boost

There is no better way to burn 700+ calories while doing a non-impact aerobic activity. Period. Spinning at least three times a week will make your heart and lungs healthier and more efficient. It will suck the first time you go...but the exercises you enjoy the least are usually the ones you need the most. Here are my spin tips to help a newbie become a regular:

1. WATER...you need a water bottle
2. towel...you won't believe how much you will sweat. I don't care if you are one who claims "I don't sweat" you will. You will..
3. Hard soled shoes...the bottom of your feet need a firm sole to press down on the pedals with, so put away those ballet slippers.
4. Hair pulled up, off the shoulders. There are few things more disgusting than the end of a ponytail sopping up the aforementioned sweat. off your neck and back...blech!
5. An easily digested meal about 1.5 hours before class (a banana with some almonds or peanut butter is best).
6. Make an honest attempt to attend two classes per week for at LEAST two weeks (preferably with different instructors, if possible) before you decide if you like it or not. It's amazing how different a class can feel just from having a different instructor...they each pick their own music and workouts.


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