Monday, February 21, 2011

I heart dresses

I bought this leifsdottir dress this weekend!! I have been obsessing over it for a month or so! The price was cut a 2nd time so I snatched it up before it sold out!

Also, tried on the Glanz dress and LOVED it. I wasn't too impressed when I saw it online, and I was certain it would need a cardigan or something for the blocks of color to make sense. Kim at Anthroholic said it was fine by itself and she was right! It is gorgeous.

The Take Action Dress, I both love it and am unsure of it. I feel like it's too shapeless for me...not for the athletic figure?? I don't know. I have time to decide because if it is "a go" I'd wait for it to go on sale to pull the trigger. What do you think?


Danielle C said...

Those are cute dresses! I like the first one. Yea sometimes you can find nice purses in thrift stores that are barely used. : )

Anne said...

Thanks Danielle :) I love thrift stores!! My Mom is a thrift-aholic so I come by it honestly.

GretchTM said...

The dress in the middle is gorgeous!

Anne said...

Yeah, it's Anthropologie's Glanz dress! I love it!