Thursday, February 17, 2011

(little) Men

Today, at the aforementioned opthamologist appointment for Ava, wearing the aforementioned outfit, I sat with my legs crossed in the chair. Gabe was driving a car on the floor when he ran into my foot. Distracted by the shiny red shoe, he forgot about his car and then touched my leg. Then kissed my ankle...sweet but kind of odd.

"Mom you smell so good. Can I lick your leg?"

"Thanks Gabe...and no. That's inappropriate."

"Oh." He was rubbing my leg and then sniffed loudly "ahhh, smells so good." then he kissed my shin.

"Gabe please stop. Let's keep our hands to ourselves." His little face looked so offended.

"Come here, buddy. Let me hold you." He climbed onto my lap and I kissed his nose.

"You can kiss my face!" I laughed.

Gabe held his nose, "but your legs smell delicious. Your face smells like coffee."


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Oh your son is adorable! That post cracked me up, you two are so sweet!

Anne said...

Ha ha! Thanks!