Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Mischief ;)

We did get two feet of snow dropped on us the other'd think I would have posted some pictures of it all. I took a playing, husband shoveling, dog why didn't I post any? Well, I couldn't find my camera. But, today I found it...and I also found out WHY I couldn't find my camera...scroll through my pics and you'll see why my camera wasn't in it's usual place....ha ha

Bailey the Wonder(full) Dog!
No, I don't have a beard. Shut up..

Hmmm...I didn't take this picture...

BUSTED!! Sleeping on the job! Ha ha! Before you go judging us for napping and thereby leaving the urchins unattended, (all you childless people---a fellow parent would never judge) I'll have you know we both had high fevers. We were sick...and we shoveled our butts off.

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