Friday, February 4, 2011

Stupid questions

Two and a half weeks ago our Ava was diagnosed with epilepsy. No dramatics--it's a very manageable syndrome, and she isn't in any danger. It is mildly life-changing but my patience level for "stupid" questions is getting shorter with every week.

"So what caused this?"

"Do you think your other kids have epilepsy and you just don't know because they don't have seizures?"

"Do you think there could be other things wrong with her too?"

"Is it safe for her to go to regular school? Is this sort of thing contagious?"

But today I was asked a very innocent question that knocked the wind out of me. I was measuring Ava's medicine into her little cup. She looked so snuggly in her fuzzy pajamas, thumb in mouth and her hair all crazy bed-head-ish. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes,

"Mom, when am I going to be all better? How many more days till I can stop taking this medicine?"

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